My workstation keeps asking for a license. I've already put my code into License Manager. Why isn't the license being accepted?

There are lots of possible reasons.

First let's make sure the license is on your iLok. Insert your iLok and launch License Manager. Sign in to your account. Click on the icon for your iLok (left side of License Manager) and you'll see a list of licenses currently on your iLok (the list is in the main window of License Manager).  If you don't see the license, make sure you're connected to the internet. Then click on your account tab (blue block at upper left of License Manager). Then click the Available tab along the top edge.  You'll see a list of available licenses in your account. Your license should be there.  Just drag it on top of the icon for your iLok.

Still not working?  Are you using an iLok2?  iLok1 is not supported.

Still not working?  Did you install the right plugin?  You'd be surprised how many people purchase PhoenixVerb  and then install PhoenixVerb Surround.  Make sure you've installed the right plugin.

Still not working?  You might need to re-sync your iLok with the central PACE database. Make sure you're connected to the internet. Right-click on the icon for your iLok (left side of License Manager) and choose the Synchronize option.  It will only take a few seconds.  It's not a bad idea to reboot your system.

Still not working?  You might need to re-install license manager.  Head over to and get a fresh installer.

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I have a valid license on my iLok. But my plugin doesn't appear in the workstation's list of plugins. What's going on?

Most workstations perform a scanning operation to determine what plugins it will load.  Some--such as Pro Tools--scan at every launch.  But most workstations maintain a black list and will not show the plugin.  Plugins may be placed on the blacklist for all sorts of reasons.  You may have forgotten to have the iLok inserted when you launch.  There may have been a problem during the plugin scan.  There are all sorts of reasons.

So how do you get the plugin off the black list?  All workstations have some way to re-scan.  Depending on the DAW, there will be something called a plugin manager or similar term.  It may be under Preferences or somewhere else.  If you can't find it, then take a peek at the DAW's user guide or check in with an online community that supports your workstation.  Make sure your iLok is inserted before rescanning.  In most cases, this will take care of your problem.

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