Upgrades for Focusrite Plugin Collective Users

Plugin Collective

If you received a free R2 plugin from the April 2017 Focusrite offer, then here's your chance to upgrade to R4, R2 Surround or both!

You get 50% off R4 (a price of $149.50) and 40% off R2 Surround (for a price of $275.40).  Or you can get both R4 and R2 Surround for $424.90!

You can purchase those upgrades right here, right now.

How does it work?

You must have the R2 license in your iLok account. This means that you must have redeemed the iLok code you got from Focusrite before May 1. When you purchase one of the upgrades on this page, your system will automatically check for the your license and will exchange that license for a bundle that includes R2 and your new plugin(s).  There are no discount codes to bother with,  so it's a simple purchase.  If you don't have the R2 license, then the upgrade will fail.  If the upgrade fails, then you'll need to contact Exponential Audio support.

I have R2, but I didn't get it from the Focusrite offer.  Can I still use this upgrade?

No.  The purchase will work but the upgrade will fail.  Please use the regular upgrade page for that.

How long is this upgrade available?

The special upgrade will remain available only until July 1, 2017. This page will remain available after that, but upgrade pricing will not be as favorable.

Will R2 still work after the upgrade?

Yes.  It will now be bundled into a new license that contains your upgrade plugin. This bundle can be moved on to any iLok in your account.

Can I sell R2 or the upgraded bundle?

No.  Why would you want to sell it anyway?

Can I purchase the upgrade in Euros?

No.  This offer is available only in dollars.  Your credit card processor (or PayPal) will automatically perform the currency exchange.  The total cost to you would be about the same.

If I purchase one of the upgrades (let's say R4), can I come back later and get the other one?

No.  The upgrade only works once.

Upgrade to Upgrade Price (Regular Price)
The reverb that will make you forget about hardware
$149.50 ($299)
R2 Surround
The multichannel reverb that's been on hundreds of major films
$275.40 ($459)
R4 and R2 Surround
Music or post. Go world-class
$424.90 ($758)