Exponential Audio Artists

Exponential Audio Reverbs are the choice of professionals around the world and used on award winning music, TV and movies. We are proud to have such talented artists using our reverbs, you can read more about them here.

Simon Gogerly

Mick Guzauski

Gary Lux

Andy Bradfield

Avril Mackintosh

Bernard OReilly

Ryan Carline


Beth Burnett

Vance Powell

Tom Marks

George Shilling

Richard Hilton

Ricardo Cutz

Stephen Gallagher

Mike Aiton

Neil Aldridge

Charles Maynes

Bob Olhsson

Erik Zobler


John Van Tongeren

Anton Evans

Peter Oso Snell

Marek Pompetzki

Chris Heil

Scott Michael Smith

Chris Fogel


Dan Shores

Steve Chadie

To be considered for our artist relations program, you must either be an established professional in your area of expertise, making music, TV, radio, or films with our products. Find out more here