Close up on man`s hand playing guitar
Retro Piano Hammer Detail
Close Up Of A Big Modular Synthesizer
Drummer (focus on the drum and microphone) playing on drum set o
Photo of handsome guy with microphone in hands

Inspired by the broody soundscapes found in Scandinavian cop drama shows, this preset is ideal for sound design, scoring or music composition. It uses the resonator option in Excalibur to give the guitar an other-worldiness. The only instrument used is a guitar, the rest is Excalibur.

Take a piano and then sit it in a space and mangle it with time based effects, instant cat on a piano without the cat hairs getting all over your studio.


This simple example shows the power of Excalibur to transform a sound. The clip starts with a simple 4 beat kick pattern without any Excalibur and then we gradually turn up the mix to 100% and then back to zero again. The combination of ring modulators, resonator, delay, autopanner and reverb transforms the kit into a new sound. Even better change the kick sound and the entire transformation changes too.

In this example we show how a simple synth line can be transformed by the use of complex pitch shifted delays, filters, reverb and chorus. The example starts off clean and then Excalibur fades in to bring another dimension to 50% the sound.

The thing most of us dread having, a drummer on the floor below us, the best thing about this one is you can turn it off when you need to. Thanks to Steven Gilliland for this demo. It starts clean and then moves down under the floor.

The combination of delay, pitch and reverb plus some cool modulation on panning can take a vocal and put it in an interesting space. In this example we fade in the effect to show it at varying levels of intensity.

Canada Day Fireworks

What would happen if you put a drum kit through a huge PA in the middle of a large city on a dark night? It would create the same effect of rockets going off during a city based display - as the explosions reflect off the tall buildings. The takes it from dub to dramatic!

Guitar Synthesizer

Perhaps the sound of 80's multi-effects, the combination of chorus and reverb was used in everything from pop ballads to rock anthems. There's plenty of this in Excalibur and great on guitars, keyboards, pianos, vocals or drums.

Man Records Vocals In Studio

The combination of vintage shifter and distortion with delay helps to thicken vocals. It works on guitars and keyboards too.  The first half of this example is untreated with the second half using the Wide Vocal Fattener preset.

champagne toast in dark room

A new duet of an acoustic piano and someone running their finger around a wine glass at the same time. It's not normally possible, until Excalibur. Now sounds are only limited by your imagination. Great for sound designers. 

Take a synth riff and give it some extra energy using one of the many flanger presets in Excalibur, it takes something good and makes it great. In this example the first and third loop of the riff are clean, the second and forth are the synth thru the DreamFlanger.

Bass Guitarist Close-up

Take a fretless bass and pipe it through this dynamic plugin for a fresh new take on a great old sound.  Throw in a little rhythm guitar with the Wah + Delay (lite) preset. Top it off with a little PhoenixVerb for a tasty treat.

Take a cool beat and distort it, delay it and then add some reverb to create a nice vintage space, in this example the mix is at 60%, the more you mix the more it mashes. Thanks to Loop Loft for the Eric Harland Drum Loop.

Vintage Stage

Excalibur is great for guitar, in this example we've put a funk guitar riff through a warm tube emulation and added some vintage echo and phaser. The first half of the riff is bypassed, the second is processed through the special sauce of Excalibur.

Closeup shot of male hands playing the piano. Human hands playin

Bring modern synths and virtual instrument plug-ins some vintage character using our deep rich modulation effects like Chorus, Phaser and Flanger. In this example we take a synth preset in a VI and put it thru our general chorus. Listen as it starts clean we take the mix to 100% and then we take it back to zero again.

Man playing an bass guitar

A melodic fretless really benefits from a preset like this.  The main guitar part also uses Warm Tube + Flange and the second guitar uses a bit of X-Delay 01.

Closeup of a female singer recording a track in a studio

Create complex moving echoes in Excalibur that move around the sound space. In this example we've used echo coupled with distortion and chorus along with the powerful output filtering to create a lush space around the vocal.