Please note that Exponential Audio plugins require the iLok License Manager and iLok2. There is no CPU-based licensing and iLok1 is not supported.

Software downloads also contain documentation.  

For Mac OS X downloads, please go here.

for Windows downloads, please go here.

If you need to revert to an older version, you can find it here. Important: Older versions are not supported. Any problems you have encountered may have been fixed in the most current version, so be sure to try the newest version.  Old versions are also periodically removed from this website.


Make sure you've got a demo code.  And make sure you have an iLok2.  The demo version is a fully-functional plugin (it's the same install as the regular version). Go to the product page of the plugin you're testing and click the TRY button.  That will get you a demo code and will then bring you right back here.  Please remember that a demo will only work once, even if the demo code has changed. Do not try a demo code a second time.  It will not work!