WeLcome to the Exponential Audio Beta Download Page For Windows

This page contains beta downloads for Windows.  If you are looking for Mac code, please visit the Mac OS X page.

Please remember that you must have a license for the plugin you wish to test. Click on the link to download the beta installer.

This beta provides properly-signed installers for Windows.  You should no longer get the "Unknown publisher" message on running the installer. This is a more secure solution and should stop a nag on Windows 10.  Other than that, changes are mainly internal with a little tightening-up.  Read the release notes provided in the installer zip file.

Report any errors with the Beta Test Report Form

  • Excalibur - Version 2.1.6 Beta 1  Download
  • PhoenixVerb - Version 3.0.6 Beta 1 Download
  • R2 - Version 3.0.6 Beta 1 Download
  • NIMBUS - Version 1.0.4 Beta 1 Download
  • R4 - Version 1.0.2 Beta 1 Download
  • M7Control - Version 1.1.6 Beta 1 Download
  • PhoenixVerbSurround - Version 2.0.5 Beta 2 Download
  • R2Surround - Version 2.0.5 Beta 2 Download (this should be Beta 1, but a clerical error placed the wrong number in the binary)