Before you ask for support, please read through these solutions to common problems:

Did you make a purchase and not receive license codes?

License codes are sent within a minute or two of payment.  They are sent to the email address you use for your PayPal purchase.  That may be a different address from the one you use for most email.  So be sure to check the proper inbox. Sometimes your mail program or your Internet Service Provider will mark these messages as junk mail.  So please check your junk mail folders before asking for support.  Your codes are there almost every single time!

You received a license code but you don't know what to do with it.

A license code is like a ticket that you exchange for the actual license.  To make the exchange, launch iLok License Manager, log in to your account, and find the Licenses menu.  Under Licenses you will find an area to redeem the code.  Paste your license code into that space.  The exchange may take a few seconds.  When it's complete, you have a license--you no longer need the code.  When you complete the exchange, License Manager may ask you if you want to move the license to your iLok (the answer is yes).  You can move the license between the cloud repository and your iLok at any time.

Your license code didn't work a second time

The code only has a single use.  When you used that code, it was exchanged for a license.  That license will work on any computer as long as your iLok is plugged into that computer.

Your iLok has been lost, broken or stolen.

Please visit this page.

If these didn't solve your problem, then start a support ticket here.