Richard Furch: Tasting Notes From A Plug-in Connoisseur

Richard Furch is a mix engineer at the top of his game. His résumé boasts six Grammy-winning albums out of 17 Grammy-nominated projects. He’s worked with international RnB artists from Outkast to Usher, and some of the all-time giants of the industry from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to rock royalty Prince. Despite – or more likely because of – this, Furch comes across as a genuine and sensitive musician, painstakingly fine-tuning his plug-ins with a passion akin to a fine-wine connoisseur, aiming to build his clients confidence in their own work without intruding on their creativity. He shares his tales about his climb to the top, the dream of being tapped up by Prince, and how Exponential Audio has become the prize bottle in his cellar.