Frank Ilfman: Keeping it Personal

From his musical beginnings immersed in classic Westerns, picking up the trombone and playing truant from the Jaffa Conservatorium in Tel Aviv, through formative moments sitting in on an orchestral session for The Never-Ending Story, and working for the legendary Jan Hammer, Frank Ilfman has dedicated a creative career to the art of movie scoring. Driven and determinedly imaginative in his composition, and with a self-confessed ‘problem saying no’, Ilfman’s credits span more than 60 films and numerous TV shows, from the award-winning Cupcakes and Big Bad Wolves to the most recent Ghost Stories and The Etruscan Smile. He talks to us about his ‘old school’ approach to composition, why it’s so important to him to give all his music a personal voice, and the difference Exponential Audio has made to his sound.