Do these plug-ins replace PhoenixVerbSurround and R2Surround?
Is there an upgrade path?
I've been sent a mix that used the original surround plugins. Will those session load with these new plugins?
How do the Surround plug-ins differ from the original surround plug-ins?
These look like NIMBUS and R4. Are they just surround versions of those plugs?
Do the Surround plug-ins still sound like the original surround plug-ins?
Does Symphony sound like Stratus, just with more parameters?
What versions of OSX do you support?
Will these plugins even work on MacOS Mojave?
What versions of Windows do you support?
What plugin formats do you support?
Do these plug-ins work in all workstation programs (DAWs)?
What workstation programs have been tested with the surround plug-ins?
My workstation program isn't on your compatibility list. Should I try it?
What surround formats do these plug-ins support?
I've just updated my Pro Tools system from 12.7.x to 12.8.0 or later. I have one of the 3D plugins, but I don't see it appearing in an Atmos stem. What's going on?
I've just changed my Pro Tools system from 12.8.x (or later) to an earlier Pro Tools version. I have one of the 3D plugins, but I don't see it appearing anywhere--even on non-Atmos stems. What's going on?
I'm running Pro Tools 10 on a Snow Leopard system. Why don't you make these surrounds for my system?
Do you support 3D link, like PhoenixVerbSurround and R2Surround?
I see that you have several “dot 1” forms, like 5.1. What happens to the LFE channel?
What sample rates do you support?
Are these plug-ins “True Surround”?
I mix in surround, but I don’t always have time to generate mixes for other surround formats. Do these reverbs fold-down safely?
Are all of these surround formats available in any DAW?
How can you say that these plug-ins are appropriate for post-production?
Do these reverbs use a lot of CPU?
Are these plug-ins more efficient on Mac or Windows?
I have a workstation that supports custom GUIs for plugins. I can't control some of your parameters with my custom GUI. Why not?
I need to sell the surround plugins to another user. Can I?
I have plugins in a bundle. Can I sell one of the plugins and keep the rest of the bundle?
Do your plugins require iLok? Can I authorize my computer instead?
How many authorizations do I get for a license?

Reaper feels sluggish when running an Exponential Audio plugin. What's going on? Do these plugins transmit data to Exponential Audio or to any marketing entity?
I've got a great idea for the surround reverbs and I'd like you to think about putting it in the plugins. What do I do?

I have a problem that isn't described here. What do I do?

I have another question that isn't answered here.  How can I find out what I need to know?

Why not check the General FAQ page? If that doesn't cover your question, then please take a look at the Exponential Advantage page.  If you still have a question after that, then drop a line using the form right here